Paper flowers: how to make them or where to buy them

Paper flowers: how to make them or where to buy them

THE paper flowers they are an extraordinary idea because they combine imagination with pragmatism and spread beauty and good humor. They are in fact a great way to recycle leftover paper. It is not trivial to create a flower from a newspaper slip, but with a little patience and practice you can learn without problems with appreciable results. There are many techniques, often they change depending on the material we have in our hands because crepe paper is very different from tissue paper. With simple instructions we will be able to immediately make paper flowers with which to decorate the house or as a gift.

Paper flowers: instructions for making them

With precise instructions, to be followed step by step, make some paper flowers it's child's play and the little ones are fascinated by these techniques. There is certainly no danger of a lack of raw materials because paper is certainly not lacking in our homes, I guess. We may actually have the opposite problem, namely that of not knowing how to choose what to use for ours creative session of the week. In fact, you can use almost any type of paper, obtaining very different effects. The paper of napkins, that of newspapers and magazines, colored or white tissue paper and even the paper of old books. One of the better card types is that of glossy magazines, both for its usability and for the colors that it often naturally flaunts.

To create paper flowers in a simple way, just reserve some time and some space at home and follow the instructions precisely. Sometimes it is a question of joints so it is better not to play too much fantasy in the structural parts and let off steam later. You can do it alone or involve some friends or children who will surely appreciate this moment of play, especially with the cold season where there is no flower to play in the garden.

Crepe paper flowers

Let's start with crepe paper and it's no coincidence. It is the most suitable material for make bubbling paper flowers, voluminous and colorful. It is not only beautiful but also very easy to handle and its elasticity allows us to obtain effective shapes.

We take 1 sheet of crepe paper, twine, 1 wooden stick, green color and hot glue. We prepare three strips of crepe paper of the color we want the petals to be, cutting the sheet along the width, fold each strip on itself and divide it into two more equal parts lengthwise so as to obtain six identical strips of paper. We put the strips on top of each other, in a stack, and begin folding them until we obtain a square. Now let's grab one end of the square to form a series of overlapping folds, advancing up to half, folding like an accordion, so to speak. We do the same operation on the other side, after turning the card over. At this point we have one in hand sort of double fan that we can choke in the center, with a string. After having tightened in this point, we spread the two parts of the fan in order to give shape to the single petals of crepe paper. The flower obtained is very “modelable” and we can decide what shape to give it, in addition to the color.

The stem is missing though! We can use a wooden stick, colored green, fixed with hot glue in the center of the flower.

Tissue paper flowers

Also there tissue paper it is very interesting as a material for paper flowers despite being extremely fragile and therefore to be used with care and delicacy. However, it is perfect, so light, for making large flowers. We take sheets of this paper in two different colors, to obtain a more creative and colorful result, four sheets for each color of dimensions 15 × 20.

Always proceeding "accordion " fold all the sheets together and then with the stapler fix the center so that all the various petals are formed, more voluminous than ever. The flower thus obtained is very similar to a peony that can be used alone or in combination with large paper flowers, in a bouquet.

Giant paper flowers

If we really want to impress, we have to create gods giant paper flowers, maybe for a birthday party or even for a wedding. Online, even very simply on Pinterest, there are models that can guide us but we can also proceed alone, independently. We need 5 70 x 50 cm colored sheets of paper and a 70 x 50 cm black sheet of paper, a hot glue gun and scissors.

Let's take the model that convinces us the most and cut the paper following its lines. If we don't have the model we create four large petals keeping them attached in the center. Take a pencil and roll the edge of the petals over it in order to fold them in one direction as we like but creating some folds upwards and others downwards. In the center of the flower we create a square with the help of a ruler, then we fold each petal towards the center, overlapping the different sheets with 4 petals each and gluing them in the center.

With fblack oil, remained a virgin until now, we can go to create the stamens: draw two concentric circles as far apart as the height of the stamens and then cut out the outer circle, then with scissors we create fringes without interrupting the circle. To curl them a little we can use a marker or pencil. If we want to give more volume and more life to our creation, it is better to make two rounds of stamens, one smaller than the other, to be glued so that they are concentric. They must then be glued to the center of the flower petals.

Origami paper flowers

With the origami technique we can create almost anything, so obviously also gods beautiful flowers. There are many models to be made like this, by folding a square colored sheet of paper, some very easy to replicate, others much less. They are needed 5-6 sheets of square colored paper, preferably from origami, and hot glue. We proceed for each single petal in the same way, repeating the same steps for each of the 5-6 petals following a tutorial that you can find online or on a dedicated book like this for sale on Amazon by title "Paper flowers. A step by step guide to realistic creations". By adding a green sprig, we can create a real bouquet.

Recycled paper flowers

We finally come to the flowers of recycled paper, my favorites because they are always different and original. Unpredictable, I dare to say. Let's go and retrieve old newspapers or old school books that we no longer need, or old music scores. Let's start by cutting out the individual petals first, all of different sizes, some larger and some much smaller. With a thick-tipped felt-tip pen we outline the edges and join all the petals in the center, using the scotch tape. We can create the central pistil with gods cut book sheets and strips and colored black and then glue it in the center with hot glue. We take a wire wrapped in green tissue paper or newspaper, and make the stem.

Children's paper flowers

Kids can have fun making gods too paper flowers iin a very simple and fun way. For ease of use, we use colored cardboard and straws: 4 A4 sheets of colored cardboard as desired, twine, 1 paper or plastic straws, 1 pencil, scissors, hot glue, 1 colored ribbon, 1 adhesive tape. We cut out squares of various sizes and draw the outline of the flowers quite simply because then the children will have to cut out these shapes. We choose 3 paper flowers of 3 different sizes and overlap them, then glue them together in the center with glue or with a clip. We already have the flower, with the straw we can add the stem.

Paper flowers: where to buy them

Paper flowers seem like an avoidable detail but in many situations they are a significant detail. Made with our hands they are even more so. Think about birthday parties and weddings but also to a birthday present to embellish. Even during a dinner they are a very nice decoration and if we become good, even tremendously chic. Not to mention the nice feeling of relaxation that produces them. When we do something manual, we get rid of stress and we focus on the here and now. We should do a paper flower everyday. If you want to buy them instead, you can also find them on Amazon.

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