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10 Benefits of drinking sea water

10 Benefits of drinking sea water

Among the main benefits of sea water are: having an antibiotic effect, helps in wound healing, cleanses the nasal passages in cases of sinusitis, among other benefits. That will undoubtedly make us use seawater.

What is it made of?

It is composed of minerals, which differentiates it from fresh water, it has minerals such as zinc, iodine, potassium, trace elements, therefore, it is salty due to the concentration of minerals, experts recommend that when you go to the beach they take full advantage the benefits that sea water offers.

10 Benefits of seawater:

1.- Sea water helps relax muscles

Allows muscle relaxation when swimming or floating in sea water. It favors the recovery of the muscles if you have had injuries

2. Seawater could help prevent wound infection

It is a natural antiseptic, it helps absorb water in wounds to prevent infections in them, ideal to prevent wound infection

3.- Seawater could help in respiratory problems

Improves and relieves symptoms in respiratory problems, facilitates the elimination of toxins, mucus

4.- Sea water could help joint pain

Relieves joint pain in rheumatic problems, therefore, a bath in salt water is recommended

5.- Seawater could be used as an exfoliant

For skin care, sea water is also very useful, since its function will be as an exfoliator

6.- Breathing the sea breeze could help improve air circulation in the lungs

Breathing the breeze from seawater will be very beneficial as it cleanses lungs, improving health and (or preventing future respiratory problems. Taking sea baths will help calm anxiety, stress, nerves

7.- Helps to detoxify, cleanse the body from the inside.

Some studies have revealed that seawater is not only useful, used externally in the body, but also internally, it provides various benefits such as:

Be a treatment to combat malnutrition
Fight gastroenteritis
Helps maintain and improve the health of the organs, preventing the development of various pathologies

8.- Sea water, nutrient?

Among the benefits of seawater at the nutritional level are: it contains nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, phosphorus, fluorine, copper, iodine, etc. Macronutrients and micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body, therefore, it is considered a nutritious water, it is an organic, bioavailable water that nature provides, and that can be used to the maximum of its properties, considered therapeutic, by some experts.

Many consider that to obtain more benefits from seawater, it must be added as water for use in the daily diet, however, before starting to drink large amounts of it, it is necessary to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of doing so, as well as what effects it could have in the future if it is not taken in the proper way. From a medical point of view, it is recommended that when drinking it be gradually, since generally, it begins with a recovery, cleaning, changes in the body, since although it is considered a very useful and powerful remedy, it must be used with intelligence.

9.- Benefits of seawater to improve breathing:

As mentioned, using sea water to unclog the nostrils is a remedy or recommendation even from experts, to keep these routes clear, and to be able to breathe properly. Many studies carried out have revealed its effectiveness so that this type of water is a great ally to reduce nasal obstruction.

Seawater strengthens immunity, drags and facilitates the discharge of secretions, mucus, naturally, and due to its properties, improves auditory function.

10.- Benefits in rhinitis and sinusitis:

Since ancient times, it has been used as a natural treatment, in cases of allergies, sinusitis.

Helps eliminate bacteria
Cell regenerator
Decreases tissue irritation caused by rhinitis
Avoid inflammation
It is a natural analgesic that prevents the evolution of rhinitis
Function as an anti-allergen
Rehydrates, preventing the accumulation of mucus
It is one of the most effective and useful natural treatments to combat and reduce symptoms.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of sea water are many, since it is a good source of mineral resources, some studies highlight the benefits of this water since ancient times, so the researcher René Quinton developed a marine therapy, to avoid the cellular intoxication that leads to and develops many diseases.

It has been recommended to drink it together with the sweet, to be able to enjoy all the benefits it brings to the body. Since it has been proven that internally its consumption is very beneficial. Currently, there are several options to be able to consume and obtain it, some people, and more those who live in islands, ports, can have access to sea water directly, but, another alternative, is to drink it already bottled, some have passed a sanitary control process, which guarantees its safety when consumed. But before using for therapeutic purposes, it is necessary to consult with a health expert.

Although currently, there may be information either against or in favor of the use of seawater, more research emerges every day regarding its effectiveness, whether it is used directly or Quinton plasma (used in marine therapies).

It is clear that the regular use of seawater will bring many benefits to maintain the health of the body, since it is a way to feed it with all the elements it needs. Therefore, some research affirms that if you can drink it because it is:

A regulator of the internal environment
Neutralizes acidity in the stomach

Where to capture the purest sea water

The minerals that reach the sea through the erosion of the coast, rivers, etc., are inorganic and not bio-available. For the mineral to be assimilable, a process called "marine biocenosis" is needed, where plankton pre-digests this inorganic mineral and transforms it into bioactive and bioavailable, that is, completely assimilable by the human body.

Plankton are found in the high seas at a certain depth, from about 15 m, and travel through it by ocean currents. There are certain places where these currents converge creating a whirlpool called "vortex" and amalgamating a large amount of plankton. It is in this place where a bag of seawater is created, marine plasma, rich in bioavailable minerals, very similar in their chemical composition to our internal environment.

These are the reasons why seawater is captured on the high seas, to obtain the highest quality and ionic bio-availability.

How to drink sea water

Although its benefits are multiple, we must not leave behind the fact that if it is not taken properly, it could have serious consequences for the body, instead of the body taking advantage of the benefits. Many experts have recommended combining it with fresh water, and / or drinking only a few tablespoons, and consuming it up to a quarter of a liter, used in various drinks, such as juices. Other suggestions are to add the cap of seawater to a liter of fresh water. Obtaining a very nutritious mineral water.

In addition, it has been recommended to use seawater as a liquid salt in the kitchen, suggesting that this way you can also take full advantage of its benefits.

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