How to save gas on heating

How to save gas on heating

How to save gas on heating: tips and tricks to lower methane gas consumption for powering the boiler.

It has happened to everyone: one arriveshigh billand the question clicks:exist tricks to save on gasThe answer seems almost obvious but… for pay less for methane gas, you just need to consume less!

Yes, they existtricks to heat less gasbut the most effective ones require an economic investment. Thermal insulation allows you to cut heating costs. According to estimates, each year, total gas consumption reaches just under 2000 cubic meters. If you consider that each cubic meter of gas costs approximately € 0.95, grasping the need for savings is simple!

Thermal insulation and savings on the bill

THEgas consumptionrelated toheating(radiators, hot water production ...) are directly proportional to the heat losses. The higher the heat losses, the higher the igas consumption. Thermal insulation allows for reasonable savings.

A well insulated house succeeds intrap heatinside and so the radiators tire less and the boiler, to maintain the ideal temperature, will burn less methane. The concept is clear: if you have drafty windows, damp walls and a very high ceiling, your home will be difficult to heat andconsume lessgasit will be almost impossible.

Forsave on gastherefore, you will have to plan a restructuring plan. Thanks to tax incentives, if you decide to renovate your home to improve the thermal insulation of the building, you can get a tax relief corresponding to 50 - 65% of the costs incurred. A nice way to renovate your home, take advantage of tax incentives and lower the cost of managing radiators and summer cooling. That said, let's move on to theDIY tricksforsave gas on heating.

By investing in the insulation of the building, savings are ensured.

How to save gas on heating

Forconsume less gasinspect your home and identify the presence of drafts. The drafts areair currentswhich, entering the house, nullify the efforts of your radiators. They are located near electrical sockets, windows, fireplaces, the shutter box ...DIY insulationdesigned to eliminate the heat loss associated with drafts, I invite you to visit the page: how to eliminate drafts from doors and windows.

Among the best technologies to contain the gas consumption costs, there is the use of the chronothermostat. They also exist today wifi thermostats able to control the heating even from miles and miles away.

Many recommend adjusting the heating system to no more than 18 ° C. This is good advice. However, if a temperature of 18 ° C does not give home comfort in your home, you must once again consider the possibility of renovating your home.

Here are some other tips:

  • Radiators should not be installed under windows.
  • Do not cover radiators with curtains, radiator covers or other coatings.
  • Equip the radiators with thermostatic valves.
  • Have the classic boiler maintenance checks carried out, not only the mandatory checks but also those aimed at ensuring good appliance performance.
  • Reduce the temperature in the rooms by 1 ° C, this action results in a saving of about 6% of energy.

If you don't want to renovate your house, you can hypothesize some do-it-yourself works:

  • Single glazed windows should be replaced with double glazed insulated windows.
  • Install internal insulation panels.
  • Eliminate drafts with DIY.
  • Always bleed the radiators.

Consider replacing the boiler. With the replacement of the boiler, it is possible to access personal income tax deductions of 50%. For every information:boiler replacement, deductions.

Consider alternative power sources. Thebiomass boilersthey can be very convenient for home heating and domestic hot water production.

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