Outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplace: solutions for heating the garden with wood-burning fireplaces, bioethanol or electric outdoor stoves.

To take advantage of the terrace or garden even on cold winter days, a source of heat is a must. In recent times, various solutions for heating the garden are spreading. Let's talk about:

  • Braziers
  • Stoves
  • Fireplaces
  • Barbecue

They exist in every shape, for every need and of any size. The most practical are light and easy to move, able to transform- if necessary- in bbq perfect for convivial moments. The shapes are the most varied as well as the materials used and how they work, existoutdoor fireplaces and stoves that can work:

  • Gas
  • To bioethanol
  • Wood and / or coal
  • With electricity

The price range is also very variable, much depends on the type of operation, the materials, the design and the manufacturer. On this page I will focus onoutdoor fireplaceswhich present a realhearth or brazier. For theoutdoor stoves (gas or electric) I refer you to the pageStoves for external heating.

Outdoor fireplaces

As stated, the market offers a huge choice. In this paragraph I will show you different solutions that, based on the size, can heat the garden, the terrace or more comfortably be positioned on the balcony. Let's start with the product shown in the photo above.

Remundi brazier, plate and barbecue with grill

The manufacturer offers it in different colors. In the photo above it is shown in black. As is clear, the central furnace propagates the heat up to overheat the plates that can be used for cooking food. The rounded geometry serves to distribute heat evenly.

Thanks to the accessories, thisgarden fireplaceit can be powered by both wood and charcoal. In the versionlargeit is 105 cm high and has a diameter of 1 meter. It is an excellent German product equipped with an intelligent system for collecting and emptying the ashes. The entire brazier charges around 1600 euros, and is also available on Amazon with free shipping.

Cube Hofats, brazier, barbecue and grill

Those with less space available (and perhaps even a smaller budget), can aim for aoutdoor fireplacesimilar to a cube that, if necessary, can be used as a stool, table or grill.

Thisgarden fireplaceweighs only 15kg, so it's easy to move. It is compact and fits well in any environment. It is made of powder-coated stainless steel (resistant to bad weather and high temperatures) and is appreciated for its versatility.

The measurements are 43 x 43 and 44 cm high. In the photo below you can see it in use asfireplacebarbecue / grilland as a stool / table. The price? On Amazon you can buy it with 324.90 euros and shipping costs included in the price. For all information on the product (photos, features) I refer you to the Amazon page "Hofats Cube“.

Wood-burning fireplace for the garden, only for heating

Still going down in the price range, we can find a number ofoutdoor wood-burning fireplacesvery cheap. Among the many models I would like to point out one 120 cm high (including a small flue pipe) and 45 cm wide at the base. Also in this case it is a very resistant product but which cannot boast of the quality of the previous models.

Reading the reviews on Amazon, in fact, you notice that theoutdoor wood-burning fireplacein question isvery rustic, so even if it works well, heats and is well done, it suits gardens bettercasual orrustic,it is therefore less suitable for a garden with a swimming pool, a terrace or a garden with an elegant style of furniture. Theoutdoor wood-burning fireplacejust described can be bought on Amazon at a price of 81.99 euros. For all information and photos of the product, I refer you to“This Amazon Page“.

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