White hydrangea, all the info

White hydrangea, all the info

Among the white flowers, the ortensia it is undoubtedly among the most elegant. L'white hydrangeait is perfect for growing in the garden, in shady or partial shade areas. In the language of flowers it represents a profound understanding of life.

Thehydrangeasthey are wonderful plants and in many varieties, the color of the flowers changes over the seasons, creating a delightful and ever-changing atmosphere!

White hydrangeas, varieties

For theblue hydrangeas, blue or purple and the pink hydrangeas, the color of the flowers depends on the degree of acidity of the soil (pH 4.5 for blue, blue or purple petals). The soil can be made more acidic by adding calcium and aluminum sulfate or aluminum sulphate. If, on the other hand, the pH reaction of the soil is not very acidic, as happens in clayey soils or with a basic pH, thehydrangeawill appear with flowerspinkor basically red.

Some varieties ofwhite hydrangeasthey offer green flowers at the beginning of flowering and, as they mature, they then become white. Many varieties ofwhite hydrangea as well as theblue hydrangea, they are not sensitive to changes in soil pH and stably offer white flowers (or blue in the case of blue hydrangea). Other varieties of white hydrangeas, on the other hand, they want land with an acidic pH, around 4.5 - 5. For this reason, when you buy awhite hydrangeabe well informed about the variety you are buying in order not to witness unexpected color changes.

For example, theHydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle', proposes, in the first moment of flowering, white flowers which then quickly turn green. The migration of color is quite rapid, so at first thehydrangeawill showwhite flowerswhich then turn green when the seed ripens.

In the photo above, thewhite hydrangeaHydrangea macrophyl the 'Noblesse' variety. This variety first produces green flowers which then gradually become white while keeping the lower tip pink. In reality, here is a surprise within a surprise.

Not only does the plant first express itself with green flowers (green hydrangea) but then, when ripe, the flowers appear white and pink. This double coloring represents from a flower to the flower. The overlap of white and pink tones in this onewhite and pink orchid it is given by male flowers on the outside (white flower) and small female flowers on the inside (pink).

Worth mentioning is the species hydrangea panicula, which is very different from other bushy hydrangeas. L'white hydrangeaHydrangea paniculata comes in the form of a sapling which, under ideal conditions, can reach a height of 4 - 5 meters. When it blooms (flowering is summer), the tree ofwhite hydrangeaopens up fragrant white gems.

White hydrangea: meaning

L'white hydrangearepresents sincere, pure and uncontaminated love. It is given as a gift to reveal the birth of a new love and for this reason it is appreciated to decorate restaurants and churches on occasions of the Marriage or used for the voluminous bride's bouquet.

The meaning of hydrangea varies according to the color. For example, for blue or blue hydrangea, hydrangea is the symbol of atormented love, color implies a capricious and difficult character. The purple hydrangea, on the other hand, is a symbol of royal love, admiration and subjection. Pink hydrangea, like all hydrangeas, is a symbol of love, but a joyful love.

White hydrangea: care

How to cure white hydrangea? All varieties want partial shade exposure and some varieties need acid reaction soil more than others.

The photo below shows thewhite hydrangeaof the “White bouquet” variety. This variety wants partial shade exposure, while generally, all hydrangeas prefer more shaded positions.

White hydrangeas - like all hydrangeas - have a summer flowering, from late May to early autumn, when the first cold weather causes the plant to wither. In March and then again in April it is possible to fertilize the soil with specific fertilizer in order to first support the vegetative restart and then the flowering.

Thewhite hydrangeasthey want loose, humus-rich soil.

Betweencare for white hydrangeathere is no lack ofpruning. Remember that hydrangeabloomson the branches of the previous year. canprune the hydrangea in springbut ... the plant will struggle to bloom or it will not bloom at all. In fact, if thehydrangea does not bloom, most likely the cause is bad pruning.

Ideally, pruning should only be done when the plant is too large and the branches do not allow air circulation. Every spring, you can get rid of dry and damaged branches.

White hydrangea in vase

When thewhite hydrangea is in pot, the soil must be irrigated copiously and always kept humid. Make a few extra holes in the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage: if it is true that the soil must be moist, it is equally true that the roots must not rot and therefore it is necessary to allow the normal flow of excess water.

When thewhite hydrangeait is too big for its pot, shorten the branches by 1/3.