Agriturismo: definition

Agriturismo: definition

Agriturismo: definitionand description of theagritourism activity. How to open a farmhouse.

If thedefinitionof "hotel" is easy to find even in jurisprudence, there is more confusion when it comes tofarmhouse. The farm is one of the "multifunctional" offered by the agricultural world. In addition to dealing with its definition according to the Civil Code, we will also see what regulations are useful for its classification.

Classification: are there 5-star farmhouses?

The classification of an accommodation facility should be made on the type of services dedicated to the guest. In practice, a hotel sees the assignment of "stars" based on the degree of comfort it can offer its customers, regardless of the context. In thefarmhousethe reasoning is not so straightforward. The value of afarmhouseit strictly depends on the characteristics of the surrounding landscape, its position and the performance of typical activities.

In practice, a good farm must not only guarantee a high level of comfort for theaccommodationresponsible but also offer services and be located in an area capable of satisfying the agritourism guest. In particular, a good farm should offer local products, a surrounding landscape able to give tranquility, cultural initiatives, recreational initiatives and rock activities organized by the same.farmhouse.

Thereclassificationand thedefinitionof agritourism become thorny when the comparison is made with other hotels.

In Tuscany, one was proposed in 2000wheat classification, in practice from 1 to 5 ears (in analogy with the stars of hotels). Unfortunately the classification has gradually been lost as the criteria were too heterogeneous.

What the law says: legislation n.26 of 20 February

In 2006, with the approval of the second state framework law onfarmhouse (Law no. 96 of February 20, 2006, published in the Official Gazette no. 63 of March 16, 2006), to try to clarify the classification of the farm, Article 9 paragraph 2, reads: "In order to achieve greater transparency and uniformity of the relationship between supply and demand for farm holidays, the Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies [...] determines homogeneous classification criteria for the entire national territory and defines the methods for use, by the Regions, of evaluation parameters attributable to territorial peculiarities ".

If the idea of ​​the Tuscan ears was nice, "sunflowers" were inserted as a symbol for the classification of farmhouses. For more stable decrees, which could give onedefinitionthe concept of comfort and classification of the farmhouse has passed a further 8 years, until the Ministerial Decree of 3 June 2014. Today, for the classification offarmhouses, each region has its own criteria that are based on territorial peculiarities as well as on the concept of living comfort.

Agriturismo: definition

What is the farmhouse? A form of tourism closely linked to the agricultural reality.

according to the aforementioned Law 96/2006, for agritourism activity means the reception and hospitality activity exercised by agricultural entrepreneurs, also in the form of joint-stock companies or partnerships, or associated with each other, through the use of their own company in connection with the cultivation activities of the land, of forestry and animal husbandry.

In practice, any farm or regularly regulated agricultural activity can give birth to a farmhouse offering accommodation and territorial attractions as described in the paragraph dedicated to classification.

The strong point is thatdefinesthe farm is theagricultural identity. This vocation is also evident in the definitionwhich is in the dictionary but to make the concept even more detailed, we also tryIdeeGreen.itto provide our owndefinition of the agritourism activity.

Farmhouse definition “Form of tourism connected to staying for a certain period of time in farms or connected structures, located in territorial contexts with a particular agricultural vocation”.

Thus, the premises connected to an old oil mill can be re-evaluated and transformed into accommodation, or a country farmhouse can be converted into a farmhouse with a lot of bio-swimming pool.

The definition of agritourism should not be taken lightly. In fact, in these activities the term agritourism cannot be replaced by "hotel" or "hotel". The reason? The use of the term "agritourism", compared to other similar ones, was imposed in conjunction with the foundation of the Agriturist association, promoted by Confagricoltura.

Agritourism activities

There are numerous agritourism activities that can be carried out in agro-food contexts. First of all, there may be cooking workshops or training experiences that show you how the production chain of the transformation of a product (from grapes to wine, from olive groves to oil or from bees to honey!). Other very frequent agritourism activities are:

  • Bike tour
  • Horseback riding
  • Activities on the farm
  • Educational farm for children
  • Educational workshops for adults and children
  • Experiences in the garden
  • Bicycle touring
  • Wild farm
  • Food and wine tours

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